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Frequently Asked Questions


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  • How do I order replacement parts for a product I own?

    There are a few options for ordering parts online. If you know the part number you are looking for, enter the number in the search box in the upper left corner and click on the red arrow key. If the part number does not appear, the part is not available online and you must call our customer service department. If you know the name of the part, enter the name of the part or a keyword in the search box in the upper left corner and click on the red arrow key. If you do not see the part you need, the part is not available online and you must call our customer service department.
  • Are products available to purchase direct from Rivers Edge?

    You can purchase most products direct on our website or by contacting our customer service department. Products purchased direct are subject to sales taxes, shipping and handling fees. We also distribute products around the world through retail and small dealer venues which is important to us.
  • Can I purchase a ladder extension to make my ladder stand taller?

    No, our ladder stands are designed tested and certified to industry standards at the original stated use height that they are sold at. It is unsafe to make your ladder stand taller than it was designed to be. We do offer various taller ladder stand options if you are looking for taller ladder stand.
  • What is the best way to assemble the TearTuff seat on Oasis, Jumbo Jack, Bowman and Syct style ladder stands?

  • I had a ladder section stolen or damaged; can I purchase a replacement section?

    Yes you may, however we require a signed liability waiver stating that you will not make your ladder stand taller than the original stated use height it was designed tested and certified to per industry standards before we ship the ladder section to you. You can only order replacement ladder sections by contacting our customer service department.
  • How often should I replace the straps on my treestand?

    We recommend replacing any straps every two years or sooner if any signs of wear or damage exist. Ultraviolet rays, other outdoor elements, rodents and tree growth can damage straps and you should always inspect the straps prior to use.
  • Why isn’t there a second strap supplied with my Big Foot Hang-On?

    Big Foot hang-on stands by Rivers Edge are designed with Lever Action Mounting System. All Big Foots should be attached to the tree with the foot platform folded up. Once the strap is pulled tight, fold the platform down so it digs into the tree which further tightens the strap. This Lever Action levers the entire treestand into the tree making it very solid and stable. There is no need for a second strap like competitor designs. Read and understand the installation instructions that were supplied with your Big Foot hang-on treestand to understand proper installation and a better hunting experience.
  • My full body harness doesn’t fit me well; can I exchange it for another size?

    Unfortunately we do not offer different sizes of the full body harness that is supplied in our treestands; they are a “one size fits most” design. It is not feasible to offer multiple sized harnesses in mass produced treestands. Our suggestion is to research and purchase an OEM aftermarket full body harness. There are several quality after-market harness designs available that are offered in multiple sizes.
  • Where do I find the manufacturing ID tag on my treestand?

    Typically speaking you can find the silver manufacturing ID tag in the following locations:
    • Ladder Stands- On or near the tree blade
    • Hang-ons- On the platform rim where it contacts the tree or sometimes on the horizontal cross tube on seat post
    • Climbing Aids- The back side of one of the steps or sometimes on the tree contact tube
  • How long will the TearTuff mesh seats on your treestands last?

    Based on our testing, the TearTuff mesh seats that are found on many of our treestands will last many years. It’s similar material as what’s used on deck and patio furniture which has been widely used for many years. It’s UV resistant; it won’t hold moisture and simply resists deterioration from the outdoor elements. And no, squirrels won’t chew on it! Squirrels seem to prefer sewn padded seats as they are after the foam inside.
  • Can I leave my Rivers Edge Treestand outdoors all year?

    We recommend that you only leave your treestand installed outdoors for only two weeks. If you leave it out longer than that, the elements of the outdoors could affect the safety or integrity of the stand. Things like animals chewing on seats or straps, rainy or icy weather negatively affecting the stand and tree growth stressing straps, chains and buckles are all possible and should be taken seriously. You should always inspect your stand for signs of wear, damage, deterioration or vandalism before using it. If you don’t take these precautionary measures it may lead to serious injury or death. Damage caused by any of these factors is not covered under warranty and replacement parts will need to be purchased.
  • Where are Rivers Edge products made?

    Rivers Edge is based in Cumberland, WI where a complete staff of management, engineers, quality staff, global logistics specialists, sales staff, marketing and graphic designers, customer service professionals and shipping department is located. Our products are designed in Cumberland, WI by people that use the products and are built in overseas facilities by skilled workers that we help train ourselves. We don’t just call a factory and place an order for treestands. We work hard with each factory to build the best quality treestands on the market and inspect every shipment before it leaves the factory. We have a fully trained overseas staff to handle orders, inspect shipments and assure our products meet our quality expectations before leaving the factory.
  • What is the Syct series of ladder stands?

    The Syct series of ladder stands have the added stability features to give you the confidence that your hunt will be safe, quiet and comfortable. Click on the link below to see the added stability features that are found on all Syct ladder stands.

  • What is TMA (Treestand Manufacturers Association)?

    TMA is an association of treestand manufactures that meets and sets minimum standards for treestand safety. All major treestand brands and major retailers are members, and Leverage is no exception. Most major retailers require the manufacturers to be members for them to be considered for placement in their stores.

Why Rivers Edge Treestands?

The treestand experts at Rivers Edge include hunters, designers, engineers, and fabricators who share one goal – to offer our customers the highest quality treestands and accessories available. For more than 20 years, Rivers Edge has done just that, producing the most stable and comfortable hunting stands on the market. Our focus on innovation and safety has led to many ground-breaking advancements in the treestand industry. Whatever your hunting needs are, we have the stand for you!

All weights, specifications and features are approximate and are subject to change without notice. Due to continuous product improvements, product images may not be exact. Warning labels in some product images may have been removed for photography purposes only. Props shown in photos not included. Some assembly may be required.

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