2-Man Ladder Stands

The fastest growing segment of the ladder stand market is two-man ladder stands. Hunters love having the extra elbow room for one or the option to take along a second hunting partner. Share your hunting experiences with a two-man ladder stand from Rivers Edge®.


THE ULTIMATE IN 2-MAN COMFORT WITH UNMATCHED STABILITY - At 21’ tall the Lockdown™ 21’ 2-Man ladder stand features added height hunters prefer. The flip-up, padded bench seat features a contoured frame that eliminates the uncomfortable bar in the center giving you a true 1 or 2 man seat option. The 42” wide platform and flip-out footrest provides plenty of room for leg-stretching or space to stand and shoot. The Lockdown™ 21’ 2-Man features dual tree blades, oversized platform ratchet straps, and octagonal tubing for unmatched stability.


COMFORT FOR TWO, AMAZING COMFORT FOR ONE - The Syct 2-Man is the most stable 2-man ladder stand available. The ergonomic bench seat allows one or two hunters to sit comfortably from dawn till dusk. It ratchets tightly to the tree using four oversized straps. The ladder sections feature no-slop pockets which increase stability and eliminate noise when climbing or moving around.

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The Lockdown™ 2-Man ladder stand features a flip-up, TearTuff™ mesh bench seat allowing for 1 or 2 hunters. The 40” wide platform provides plenty of extra room for standing shots. The Lockdown™ 2-Man features a 2-way adjustable shooting rail allowing you to set a height and depth that works for you. The Lockdown™ 2-Man features dual tree blades, oversized platform ratchet straps, and octagonal tubing for unmatched stability.


FIRST 2-MAN TREESTAND DESIGNED FOR BOWHUNTERS - The V-shaped design puts both hunters tight against the tree for maximum concealment. Measuring in at 69” x 31”, the platform of the 2-Man Bowman has optimal space for two full-sized hunters to either sit or stand, comfortably and independently. The two TearTuff mesh seats are silent, durable, comfortable and flip up independently for full platform use. At 19’ 9” in height, the 2-Man Bowman is tall enough to help you avoid being winded during your next hunt.

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LOUNGER-STYLE SEATING FOR 2 - The Relax™ 2-Man ladder stand provides extra comfort to previously long and cramped hunts. Featuring a TearTuff™ mesh seat, a 17” deep platform and flip-back shooting rail, there is guaranteed to be plenty of room for both you and your partner. Sit back and relax on your next hunting expedition from the comfort of the Relax™ 2-Man ladder stand.


A TALL 2-MAN LADDER STAND - If you are looking for a tall 2-man ladder stand that is affordable and reliable, the 18’ 2-Man ladder stand is the one for you. The padded bench seat is roomy enough for two hunters or great for a solo hunter who likes extra elbow room. The flip-back, padded shooting rail makes for an easy entry or exit.

Why Rivers Edge Treestands?

The treestand experts at Rivers Edge include hunters, designers, engineers, and fabricators who share one goal – to offer our customers the highest quality treestands and accessories available. For more than 20 years, Rivers Edge has done just that, producing the most stable and comfortable hunting stands on the market. Our focus on innovation and safety has led to many ground-breaking advancements in the treestand industry. Whatever your hunting needs are, we have the stand for you!

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