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Ladder Stand Experts

Outfitters and other experienced hunters know Rivers Edge produces the most stable, comfortable treestands on the market. For more than 20 years, Rivers Edge has built that reputation by consistently developing treestands that out-perform the competition in the field. For 2014, the ladder stand experts at Rivers Edge have once again developed innovative new designs with features that matter to the hunter. New this year are the two Bowman Ladders.

The 2-man Bowman is the first two-man ladder specifically designed for archery hunters. Its counter-part, the 1-man Bowman, is a sleek design with all the features needed for a successful solo bowhunt.

In addition to the new ladder stands, Rivers Edge has also updated its climbing aid offering. The new Grip Stick and Connect-n-Climb still offer the stability of double steps at each level that hunters have come to enjoy with Rivers Edge climbing aids, but that stability has been enhanced even further by replacing the traditional friction tape in favor of a permanent nonslip coating on each step.

These new products, along with a few others, make the 2014 Rivers Edge product offering the strongest yet. For over 20 years, Rivers Edge has been leading the way with treestand designs that perform in the field. We look forward to being your preferred brand of treestands for years to come.